About Us

The Feadship Heritage Fleet

The Feadship Heritage Fleet is an association for owners of registered Feadships of over thirty years old.

The Feadship Heritage Fleet has three key objectives:

1. Unite owners of classic Feadship yachts,
2. Promote continuance of the Feadship yachting heritage,
3. Organise member events and offer services related to their yachts.

An incredible number of Feadships that were launched more than three decades ago is still sailing today. As well as being a testimony to Feadship standards of construction, many of these yachts have been scrupulously maintained by their owners. They are very proud of the heritage of their yacht and still enjoy cruising the world in the style and comfort which is so very unique to the Feadship brand.

The Feadship Heritage Fleet Board is comprised of four enthusiastic classic Feadship owners. With some even involved from the outset in spring 2013, they invest considerable effort and time into creating an exclusive and valuable association for fellow classic Feadship owners. The board is formally elected by the members during the General Assembly.

The Feadship Heritage Fleet research committee was established at the start of 2016 with the goal to ensure an archive of information on classic Feadships that retains our shared heritage for future generations.
Everyone at Feadship is exceptionally proud of our heritage and the decades during which phenomenal motoryachts were built by our craftsmen. We are delighted to recommend the Feadship Heritage Fleet and its aims and ambitions.